Thursday, 20 September 2012

Being soaked alone is cold, being soaked with your best friend is an adventure

Quote from - "Back when you were easier to love"- Emily Wing Smith

Woah, another post already? Haha, it's because we feel super guilty because we haven't posted as regularly as we would have liked. All that aside, freshers week began on Monday. So we've both been at uni like every single day. I've had like a gazillion induction sessions (I'm exaggerating, I know!). The freshers fair was on Wednesday, and it was actually really good. The moment we got there, we had people giving us freebies! It was fun, but way too crowded. We also got two free mascaras. WIN! There was also a fashion society, which we are so joining when we get the chance. We discovered a new shop today on Tib Street, called Curiouser Curiouser (I think), its based around Alice in Wonderland. It was very cute! You should go visit if you get a chance. However, typical to Manchester weather, it has been raining every single day this week so far. So the quote above is just perfect I think. Hope your all well! 
P.S. Irsa has new hair! 

Ambreen & Irsa xx

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