Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Remember you are half water

Magaret Atwood - The Penelopiad

Today's creativity. Hope you like it.
Irsa x

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

'S wonderful

João Gilberto

Finally got time to walk 10 steps out of my house and take photographs. -.-. I'm slacking, I know.
Its been a busy start to the year, and the cold weather doesn't help when your out and about doing architectural site surveys. Numb fingers! 
Finally had the chance to meet up with Ambreen on Saturday and we're hoping to start doing more creative shoots, like we used to. Exciting!
Irsa x
P.s, this shirt is actually my dads, did I pull it off? =)

Saturday, 19 January 2013

With luck, it might even snow for us

After Dark - Haruki Murakami

We had the tiniest dusting of snow in Manchester over the past two days. Most of it has melted everywhere, but there was still some on Beech Road. Irsa finally came round, and we managed to take a few pictures. I know they're not amazing, but it was really, really, really ridiculously cold! Plus, my camera was in a bad mood, and most of the pictures were coming out really awful. 
Now, I'm off to finish my English portfolio (the one I haven't even started yet) and Irsa's busy with her Architecture work. 
I'm hoping we get time to see each other again in the next week or two, and then we can actually do a decent blog post. 
Have a great weekend! 

Ambreen & Irsa xx

Friday, 18 January 2013

Gatsby believed in the green light

The Great Gatsby - F. Scott Fitzgerald

My favourite things this week.

1) The Great Gatsby t-shirt - I've been after this for months after I came across the website outofprintclothing. I couldn't decide whether I wanted the sweatshirt or t-shirt. Then I found out that Blackwell's bookshop stock the t-shirts. Wahey! I'm so glad I actually got to see it in person before I bought it, and I think I'm just going to order all the other things which I've had my eye on from the website. They also have a tag attached which resembles old library cards. Book. Nerd. Heaven.
2) The Great Gatsby book - Got this a while ago, and I'm currently reading it. Plus the film's coming out soon with Leonardo DiCaprio. Who wants to come with?
3) Topshop Flats - £7. Seriously I got these in the Topshop sale for 7 whole pounds. They were the only ones there. In perfect condition and my size (size 5). I figured it was meant to be.
4) Cat ear headband - This is the cutest thing ever. I saw one similar to this on the Asos website but never actually got round to buying it. So, when I saw this on sale in Miss Selfridge, I did kind of have to buy it. It was on my imaginary wish list plus, it was half price!
5) H&M heels - I saved the best till last. I've been after these heels since Lana Del Ray modelled them for H&M. I couldn't actually justify buying them, and forgot they existed until I went in to H&M yesterday after work. They were £7 aswell. I kid you not. That's less then a quarter of the original price (£29.99). They are seriously amazing. I love how they have a platform and a chunky heel, and are such an unusual colour. It's like a really pale mint-grey. The thick ankle strap is also a winner. I know they're still £12 on the website but, still. Bargain!

There you have it. I acquired two pairs of shoes at a total of £14. I think I'm finally on my way to becoming a bargain hunter!
I've got a few days off work, so I'm trying to get my english portfolio done. I didn't even realise it included a 2000 word critical essay until Wednesday. My 18th January Resolution is to stop leaving everything to the last minute and, to STOP being so unorganised. However, I am realistic and do completely realise that this is never going to happen. Haha.

Have a great weekend!
Ambreen xx

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

The Bees

Carol Ann Duffy

Just a quick post to show you my humble abode. Haha, it's just one corner of my room. My favourite corner to be fair. My bookcase and my desk! Sorry about the fact that all you can see are books. 
"I like big books and I cannot lie"
Pretty much sums me up! I've dumped my new necklace from Zara on a stack of books, and I quite like how it all looks. Plus it's easy to grab it and sling it on. 
Me and Irsa are hoping we finally get to meet up this Friday. It's been ages since we've done a post together, and just as long since we've last seen each other. So, watch this space. Or maybe not, because we're both equally as disgraceful at sticking to plans. 

Ambreen xx