Thursday, 10 January 2013

Some nights


Coat - Warehouse | Jeans - Miss Selfridge | Levi's T-Shirt - Gifted | Boots - Asos | Necklace - DP

You've probably noticed my hair is a bit different. I got my fringe cut again. I've had full fringe since my hair was long enough to have a fringe. Seriously, I've had once since I was about three, and then all the way through primary school! In high school it became a side fringe. Then last year I decided to grow it out, but as you can see, I'm clearly not complete unless I have a fringe. Hence, the reason it's back! 
I had a day off today, from both Uni and work. Wahey! It was all quite surreal, not to have to rush around. Although, I am going to be quite a busy bee till February, and then work will be over and I can relax and concentrate on University. I feel like I'm getting behind on everything, especially all my reading! Ahh, the perils of doing an English degree. 
I quite liked my outfit today. I think I'll be wearing it quite often from now on. I hardly ever wear t-shirts, but this Levi's t-shirt (a present from my Dad) is now on my list of favourite items. It's from the men's section and is nicely oversized. The jeans are a colour I'd never thought I'd ever purchase. They look brown in the pictures, but then in some lights they look like a muddy purple. If that makes sense?
Anyway, I quite like them! Looking back on my outfit choices early last year, I can tell my style has definitely changed. I hardly ever wear my maxi dresses anymore. I find myself heading in the direction of the trousers when I'm shopping now. 
Hope you're all adjusting well to being back at school/college/uni/work etc. 

Ambreen xx

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