Saturday, 19 January 2013

With luck, it might even snow for us

After Dark - Haruki Murakami

We had the tiniest dusting of snow in Manchester over the past two days. Most of it has melted everywhere, but there was still some on Beech Road. Irsa finally came round, and we managed to take a few pictures. I know they're not amazing, but it was really, really, really ridiculously cold! Plus, my camera was in a bad mood, and most of the pictures were coming out really awful. 
Now, I'm off to finish my English portfolio (the one I haven't even started yet) and Irsa's busy with her Architecture work. 
I'm hoping we get time to see each other again in the next week or two, and then we can actually do a decent blog post. 
Have a great weekend! 

Ambreen & Irsa xx


  1. Up where I live we have LOADS of snow and more on the way! YAY! Loving it, I really like your bag xxx

    ps. Please check out my bog at:

    1. We're definitely jealous! It never snows properly in Manchester. I think we're going to attempt the London Cheesecake recipe! :) xx


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