Friday, 18 January 2013

Gatsby believed in the green light

The Great Gatsby - F. Scott Fitzgerald

My favourite things this week.

1) The Great Gatsby t-shirt - I've been after this for months after I came across the website outofprintclothing. I couldn't decide whether I wanted the sweatshirt or t-shirt. Then I found out that Blackwell's bookshop stock the t-shirts. Wahey! I'm so glad I actually got to see it in person before I bought it, and I think I'm just going to order all the other things which I've had my eye on from the website. They also have a tag attached which resembles old library cards. Book. Nerd. Heaven.
2) The Great Gatsby book - Got this a while ago, and I'm currently reading it. Plus the film's coming out soon with Leonardo DiCaprio. Who wants to come with?
3) Topshop Flats - £7. Seriously I got these in the Topshop sale for 7 whole pounds. They were the only ones there. In perfect condition and my size (size 5). I figured it was meant to be.
4) Cat ear headband - This is the cutest thing ever. I saw one similar to this on the Asos website but never actually got round to buying it. So, when I saw this on sale in Miss Selfridge, I did kind of have to buy it. It was on my imaginary wish list plus, it was half price!
5) H&M heels - I saved the best till last. I've been after these heels since Lana Del Ray modelled them for H&M. I couldn't actually justify buying them, and forgot they existed until I went in to H&M yesterday after work. They were £7 aswell. I kid you not. That's less then a quarter of the original price (£29.99). They are seriously amazing. I love how they have a platform and a chunky heel, and are such an unusual colour. It's like a really pale mint-grey. The thick ankle strap is also a winner. I know they're still £12 on the website but, still. Bargain!

There you have it. I acquired two pairs of shoes at a total of £14. I think I'm finally on my way to becoming a bargain hunter!
I've got a few days off work, so I'm trying to get my english portfolio done. I didn't even realise it included a 2000 word critical essay until Wednesday. My 18th January Resolution is to stop leaving everything to the last minute and, to STOP being so unorganised. However, I am realistic and do completely realise that this is never going to happen. Haha.

Have a great weekend!
Ambreen xx

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