Monday, 4 February 2013

Yes: I am a dreamer

Oscar Wilde - The Critic as Artist

You might have wondered why the blog has started to go in a different direction since the new year. Or, your might not. I thought I'd explain anyway. The blog was supposed to be a diary, a digital documentation of us. I love doing outfit posts, it is honestly the thing that pushes me to experiment more and not fall back in the drudgery of life. I am still completely and utterly petrified of wearing something which I consider as being 'out of my comfort zone', but I think that  Impetuous Deeds has allowed both me and Irsa to be less afraid of wearing dark lipstick for 'no special reason' and walk around in ridiculous shoes just because we think they look good. I know that we're definitely not the most out there people in terms of our fashion choices, but every individual has their own personal battles. Recently, I've started falling out of love with the blog. I have this deep fear that I'm not interesting enough, or wear enough cool clothes. This all leads back to one question. Why on earth did we start a blog? We started it because we wanted to push ourselves, we're hardly the coolest or the most interesting kids on the block, but we figured that blogging would allow us to be us, and give us the confidence to wear whatever the hell we wanted. We live in such a judgemental society. You choose to wear platform heels during the day, and everybody decides to have an opinion. Why is she wearing those? They look stupid. She thinks she's better than us. No. That's really not it. I think I've finally realised that it really does not matter what people think, even if some of these people are 'friends'. I've learnt that I don't want to look like everybody else. Why would I want to walk around in chino's and toms just because you are? You'll be wondering what I'm really trying to say, well, what I'm really really trying to say is this; the blog is a reflection of us. Sometimes I get worried that people will not like our content etc etc etc. I've realised that I need to stop doing this! The blog is us. Me and Irsa, posting about random stuff, anything we like. It might not be to everyone's taste and I know we're not very consistent, but it's us. To those of you who do visit our little blog, thank you! It helps to know that people look at it now and again. Also, sorry about this ridiculously long winded post. I thought I'd just get it out there, seeing as I'm beginning to view this blog as my little diary! 

Hope you're all well. 

Love, and fairy dust too. I'm beginning to think everyone needs a good sprinkling of the fictious stuff. 

Ambreen x

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