Thursday, 9 August 2012

Echoes fade & Memories die

The title of this post 'echoes fade and memories die', is a quote from a poem by Lewis Carroll, titled "A boat beneath a sunny sky". We thought the quote was perfect for the photographs we took earlier. Both Irsa, and I are wearing at least one item of vintage clothing, a piece of the past you could say. Irsa's jumper is vintage, as is my jacket. While my look is reminiscent of the 70's disco scene, this was not intentional but I think the jacket photographed well and that is all that matters really. Irsa's look is not particular of one era, its more a collection of clothes and accessories that resulted in a striking outfit with references to different cultures, such as the turban and the earrings. Do you own any pieces of vintage clothing or jewellery? This is our first post, so naturally we're rather nervous. We hope you like it! 
The next post should hopefully be up on Saturday! 

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