Saturday, 11 August 2012

Inside all of us is a wild thing

The photographs we took for this post are quite stripped back and basic compared to those of our last post. We decided to edit them in black and white, simply because that is how we interpreted the quote (taken from the book ‘Where the Wild Things Are’). The feather mask and a bucket load of black eye makeup were the only props we used, and we’re pleased with the effect they created. The end result is rather animalistic and raw, which simply re-iterates that there is a wild thing in us all. Taking these pictures was a lot of fun, and it was hard to keep a straight face with the camera so close. Turns out, trying to create dramatic and dark photos is harder than we thought! What's your favourite childhood book? Till next time, (fingers crossed) Thursday.


  1. Totally love the black and white effects and the mask is my fave =)
    Hope to see more posts!

    Anonymous jElLy....=0

  2. Thankyou ! :)

  3. Love your work. =D
    Iam probably your biggest fan.!! Haha
    You two are gorgues can't wait till the next time. X

    1. Thanks =)
      the nest post should hopefully be up on Thursday ..
      results day =O !


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