Sunday, 10 March 2013

Keeping it simple

Coat - Freds || Shoes - Asos || Dress - Asos

Hey, hey, hey. It's been over a month since either me or Irsa have blogged. There's so many reasons why, but the main one is that we just fell out of love with blogging for awhile. Instead of being fun, it became a chore. An awful way to describe it, but it is the only suitable word in the english language. 
All that aside, I'm hoping that we get back into it again. My outfit is so simple, that it's bordering on boring, but not quite. Because, HEY, look at my shoes. I love them, I do, I do. If you're new to the blog, then I'll tell you now, I regularly profess my undying love towards inanimate and materialistic objects. Back to the shoes, I saw them on Asos months ago and thought, I want. Haha, but then I forgot about them, as they were still full price (£50) and didn't think I'd actually end up wearing them. The fashion gods were on my side though, because I saw them a few weeks ago and they were £25, plus it kept saying *low stock*, I took this as my cue and quickly purchased them. The white and black colour blocking totally sold them for me. I've really got into the whole black and white thing recently, and I think these would look good in summer too? We don't actually have summer in Manchester, just a very long spring, mixed with bits of Autumn and those horrific Winter-like days. 

Enough about the weather, it's Mothering Sunday and I hope you're all enjoying it and spoiling your mothers rotten! I'm not entirely sure if it's just in the UK?

Ambreen xx

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