Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Adventures always come to the adventurous

'Five go to Smuggler's Top' - Enid Blyton

Bag - Dorothy Perkins

Watch - Michael Kors

Hope you all had a great weekend! Here are a few pictures of my favourite things of this week. 
Starting from the top left, this is a purse/bag I picked up in Dorothy Perkins a few weeks ago. It's a gorgeous colour, and I'm just waiting for an opportunity to use it! I refuse to take it to uni, because my books will never fit in there, ever. 
Next, the polka dot socks. I absolutely adore polka dots, and they came in a pack of four from h&m. Sadly, there were only two polka dot pairs, the other two were plain. 
I also picked up two hats while I was buying the socks. Now I've never worn these kind of hats before, I was always too scared to wear them and I thought they made my head look weird. Haha, anyway I tried them on and my cousin insisted I should get them. I picked the black one straight away, and then decided to throw caution to the wind and got the green one aswell. How adventurous of me! Joke! If you follow me on instagram (ambreengharshia) you'll see me wearing them. 
My vogue came on Saturday, and I still have not had time to look at it. Epic fail. I know. 
My Mum brought Lana Del Ray's album, because she knows how obsessed I am with her! Especially the video for her song Carmen. You should check it out! It's really artistic.  
The necklace and the watch were both presents. I am so in love with this watch which my Dad bought me a couple of months ago. I first wanted the pure rose gold one, but when I saw this, I was like I need it!
The blouse is something my Mum picked up for me a couple of months ago, and it's just so brilliant and quirky. Last but not least, are the two books I picked up in Oxfam last week. I love old books, because they look so pretty and in my opinion look more appealing then the shiny covered books for sale these days. They're also Enid Blyton books, and since I've always loved her books. Not buying these was out of the question! 

Ambreen xx

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