Thursday, 4 October 2012

Everything's a story- you are a story - I am a story

Quote from - A little Princess

Backpack - Asos

Leggings - H&M

Scarf - Turkey
Shoes - H&M

Jumper - Asos

These are just a few photos a managed to take earlier, with the help of my little brother. You'll probably be able to tell which pictures he took, since they're quite rubbish. Sorry! Anyway, like Irsa said in the last post, we're going to try post more regularly which means we'll be posting separately more often. I need, need, need to buy a tripod as soon as humanely possible! Any ideas which one I should get and where from? 
My outfit today was pretty much thrown together in five minutes, and consisted solely of all the things that did not need to be ironed. The leggings are quite unusual and I've never really worn them before. I brought them in h&m earlier this year in Liverpool and Irsa got the same pair. Haha. The scarf is my favourite ever, it's from when I went to Turkey about three years ago. I also did some online shopping at asos last week and brought the above cat face jumper. I absolutely adore it! It's an oversized fit, and it's not too bulky so it's ideal for layering. The backpack was another asos buy, and I'm now hunting for one in black leather. 
P.S. meet my kitten, Pixie. We got her last week! 

Ambreen xx

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