Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Sunday morning

Maroon 5

I just want to start by apologising!
I know I was supposed to be posting everyday, but its been harder than I expected to get hold of the internet. (Plus I've had a lot to do!)
However I couldn't have asked for a better time to come, Autumn in Berlin is nicer than I expected, not too cold, not too warm and not too much rain, just perfect.

Thought I'd do the posts separate, because if I had internet, this is the way they would have been (and its just more organised!) 
So, my outft. Approximately 2 hour plane journey?  It had to be something comfortable. Loose torn jeans, loose american print top, converse, slouchy cardigan, and my constantly reappearing black leather jacket. Nice.

I'll try keep up wth my posts as much as I can.
Irsa x

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