Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Colder by the hour

John Green

Coat - Warehouse | Dress - H&M

Hey! I dragged my brother out to take these photographs at nearly 10pm today. He wasn't too impressed. I'm not dressed very interestingly because I had work today, and I was absolutely exhausted! 
The flash on the camera had to be used, because it was so dark, and that is why my legs look white! Even though I have like really thick tights on. The flash kept reflecting off the tights and lots of the pictures came out with a white tinge. 
On a brighter note, it's my 'birthday eve' today. My mum made up the whole idea of a 'birthday eve' when me and my brother were younger, and she wanted us to behave. It's basically the day before your birthday. Strangely enough, she only ever had a birthday eve! 

Ambreen xx

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