Monday, 3 December 2012

Hypnotise you


Jacket - New look
T-shirt - Jack & Jones
Jeans - Primark

We've been trying to do a-post-a-day for this month. So far so good!
The weather was horrible today. I don't mind the cold, but when the heavens decide to open (which they often do in Manchester) I think twice about stepping outside. Which is exactly why, the only time I went out today was to take these pictures! 
However sitting at home all day today, allowed me to opt for a comfy, easy-to-throw-together, jeans and a t-shirt combo. The layered jacket and wedge heels add femininity to the outfit (which I'm sure Ambreen will give me a thumbs up for) and the black ties the other colours together nicely. 
Should finally be seeing Ambreen tomorrow, so watch out for our post together. Not had one of those in a while!
Irsa x

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